Chimney building, repointing, repair & removal

Failing to maintain your chimney stack could result in a host of roofing problems including water leaks, damp and cracks appearing in the stack itself, exterior wall or roof of your home. Commonly, flashings around the chimney stack can weaken over periods of time, causing damage to your roof and home.

Whether you'd like to repair, remove or repoint your chimney to limit or prevent current and potential damage from occurring is of course your decision, however, our team can assist you in making that decision, advising on all options available to you.

Should you see physical damage to the exterior or interior of your home's chimney or wish to close or remove your chimney unit for added insulation or to prevent unwanted guests visiting or nesting, S. Lester Roofing can assist.

With over 36 years' experience, we have built up a client base in Kent, London and the neighbouring counties and have a portfolio of projects at hand regarding chimney repairs, repoints and removals.

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