Fibreglass flat roofing specialists

Fibreglass roofing systems ensure a longer lifespan for your flat roof and can therefore be – in the longer term – the more cost effective option for your home, office, garage or outbuilding. Tests have proved time and time again that fibreglass roofs outperform felt based roofing systems and can last 2 or 3 times longer without the need for maintenance work.

Furthermore, as the tar and blowtorch technique required for the installation of a felt-based roofing system has been removed, the installation of a fibreglass roofing system is safer to carry out. Naturally however, the upfront cost is higher as the materials are more expensive.

S. Lester Roofing can however talk you through the minefield of questions and options you're bound to face when looking to install a flat roof on your home or office. We can put together several proposals for you, explaining all options and costs and guide you through to process to ensure you're satisfied with the end result.

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