Kent Peg Tiling Contractors

Being based in Kent; 'the Garden of England', means that we come into frequent contact with Kent peg tiles; particularly across our rural and traditional cities, towns and villages. Kent peg tiling is a rare and traditional craft that's fortunately been passed down the generations of our business, insuring the natural craft and material is authentic in its appearance from project to project.

As Kent peg tiles are traditionally used on older properties, churches, pubs, oasts and commercial buildings, it's common to see the tiling fall into poor shape over the decades that have naturally gone by. Fortunately, Kent peg tiles can be easily maintained and repaired to give a rejuvenated appearance to the exterior of your home.

Furthermore, S. Lester Roofing is able to install Kent peg tiles on newer properties too, to provide a traditional look and feel to your home in both established and new communities. We can even work with your local planning officers and conservation offers to ensure your home sits harmoniously within established, traditional communities; a key consideration for new builds in historic/conservation areas.

With over 36 years' experience, we're perfectly placed to assist you. Contact us now for a no obligation quote, to discuss your project or to arrange for a site visit.