Slate tile roofing specialists

As a natural product, slate tiled roofs give a fantastic finish and look great on all buildings old and new. Slate is extremely durable and has been used for generations to provide roofs on homes across the nation. It's therefore no surprise to see that we do have a bit of a love affair when it comes to slate roofing.

Whether it's an acute tile replacement, strip or a complete re-tile required, S. Lester Roofing has the experience required to install, fix and maintain your slate roof. You may not know, but slate tiling is available in an array of colours, and we can therefore discuss your requirements with you to ensure your roof suits the surroundings, brickworks, soffits and features of your home.

Based in Kent, we provide roofing services for all types of properties and can advise you accordingly. To arrange a site visit, please contact us; we'd be happy to put together a quotation for your project and discuss the range of options to put together a proposal designed specifically for you and your home.

What's more, all our new roof work is backed up with a 10 year guarantee, meaning that we'll be here to assist you in the rare event that anything should go wrong.